Buffet menus 1.1. – 30.6.2023

Menu Fressi 64,00

Green salad, water cress and rustic mustard dressing VEG,G

Cauliflower-panzanella salad with walnuts VEG

Salad nicoise with local fresh water fishes M,G

Myrskylä`s cold smoked salmon, small blinis, whipped sour creme L

Hand peeled shrimps, endives, green pea hummus and chipotle mayonnaise M,G

Chicken ballotine, balsamic marinated onions and black pepper creme L,G

Bank`s foccacia and tapenade with parsley L

Main course

Grilled Flank steak, creamy butternut squash polenta, sage butter sauce L,G

(buffet without main course 54.00)


Cheese cake , honeycomp, raspberry L

Menu Klassikko 69,00

Garden salad and tarragon dressing VEG,G

Miso aubergines, smoked paprika chickpeas VEG,G

Brussels sprout and pinto bean salad, grilled gem salad, sun-dried tomatoes VEG,G

Charred salmon, dill dukkah, roasted almonds and horseradish creme M,G

Tiger prawns, fennel and cucumber salad, yuzu soy dressing M,G

Roasted beef ”tataki”, pickled radish and sesame aioli M,G

Bank`s levain bread and whipped nut butter L

Main course

Grilled trout, black salsify risotto and blue mussel chive sauce L,G

(buffet without main course 59,00)


Bourbon vanilla panna cotta, sea buckthorn and roasted white chocolate L,G

Dinner menus 1.1-30.6.2023

Meklari 65,00

Rosemary salt baked lamb fillet, parsnip-carrot terrine, trumpet chanterelle

Entremet season risotto + 11,00

Grilled trout, Jerusalem artichoke croquette, vermouth gravy

Apple panna cotta, carrot cake, white chocolate crumble

Pankinjohtaja 67,00

Mirin marinated salmon, beetroot, salmon roe, horse raddish creme

Entremet soup + 9,00
crayfish soup, tiger prawn tempura, wakame-fennel salad

Grilled Finnish beef tenderloin, brown butter Lapland potatoes, black garlic, port wine gravy


Glased lamb entrecote, beluga lentils with truffle, sherry sauce

Sea buckthorn curd pastry, liquorice and raspberry

Kamreeri 57,00 vegan

Fennel marinated beetroots, oyster mushrooms, horse raddish creme fraiche, watercress

Five spice flavoured vegetable wallenberg, Jerusalem artichoke croquette, sherry-soy sauce

Chocolate- beetroot brownie, lemon creme, beetroot pearls

Menus are served for minimum 40 persons.
Servings should be ordered 7 working days prior to event.

The invoice will be based on the given number of people confirmed 4 days prior to the event.
VAT is included in price. We reserve the right to changes.