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Buffet menus 1.1.-30.6.2023

Fressi 62,00
Leafy green salad, watercress and white balsamico vinegar
Lightly smoked farm cheese , leon verbena flavoured tomatatoes and olive oil pearls
Halloum cheese- aubergine salad, pomegranate and sumac flavoured yogurth dressing
Myrskylä´s cold smoked salmon, small blinis and whipped sour cream
Blackened tiger prawns, fennel – daikon salad and yuzu-soy dressing
Chicken ballotine, balsamic onions and black pepper creme
Bank`s foccacia and lime-chili hummus

Main Course
Tender beef brisket, BBQ-smoked cherry sauce, , cajun potatoes and roasted corn
(menu without main course 51,00)

Cranberry panna cotta, salty caramel and lingonberry meringue

Klassikko 69,00
Gardeners salad and tarragon dressing
Miso roasted aubergines and smoked pepper flavoured chickpeas
Kolatus valma brie cheese, roasted parsley roots and caramelized pears
Grilled whitefish, lemon marinated potatoes, whitefish roe mousse and dill pearls
Arctic oceans shrimps, skågen mayonnaise and roasted potato flatbread
Grilled beef , pickled radish and sesame mayonnaise
Banks levain bread and whipped nut butter

Main Course
Grilled trout, black salsify risotto and mussel- chive sauce
(menu without main course 58,00)

Chocolate brownie and pineapple -chili compote

Dinner menus 1.1.-30.6.2023

Meklari 63,00
Lightly smoked farm cheese, lemon verbena flavoured tomatoes and olive oil pearls

Grilled whitefish, beluga lentils-fennel ragout , Noilly prat sauce

Raspberry triffle, roasted white chocolate and liquirice creme

Pankinjohtaja 67,00
Lightly salted trout , Jerusalem artichoke and dill pearls

Grilled Finnish beef tenderloin, butternut squash , buckwheat and marsala sauce

Chocolate cake and black currant

Kamreeri 55,00 vegan
Sesame roasted oyster mushrooms, miso flavoured parsley roots mousseline and watercress pistou

Vegan butcher pattie with morels , butternut squash, kale and lentils

Oat -chocolate ganache, ruby grapefruit and liquirice crumble

Menus are served for minimum 20 persons and buffets for minimum 50 persons.
Servings should be ordered 7 working days prior to event.
The invoice will be based on the
given number of people confirmed 4 days prior to the event.
VAT is included in price.
We reserve the right to changes.