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Buffet menus 1.1.-31.07.2022

Menu l 58,00

Leafy green salad and mustard dressing M, G
Bulgur-butternut squash salad with parsley roots, pumpkin seeds and chervil M Cheddar cheese-leak pie with pickled season mushrooms L
Salmon pastrami, fennel-cucumber salad and dill-potato pearls M, G
West Coast salad with arctic sea shrimps and roasted potato flat bread L
Air-dried reindeer from Salla, Jerusalem artichoke salad with pecan nuts and beetroot pearls M,G
Rosemary focaccia and chili-hummus L

Main course
Glazed and slow cooked beef brisket, Cabonata potatoes and
roasted garlic sauce L,G
(Buffet without main course 49,00)

Black currant Pavlova with butterscotch L

Menu ll 55,00

Leafy green salad with tarragon-dijon vinaigrette M,G
Harvest vegetables, roasted buckwheat with kale and pickled yellow beet M, G Roasted multi color carrots, lentils, dill and feta cheese L,G
Smoked white fish ceasar salad L
Grilled squid, artichoke hearts and gem salad M,G
Spice roasted duck with tamarind mayonnaise and balsamic pearls M,G
Bank`s levain bread and roasted butter L

Main course
Roasted arctic char, Skane potato with roe and chive sauce L,G
(Buffet without main course 45,00)

Mocha namelaka with almond crème L, G

Dinner menus 1.1.-31.07.2022

Pankkiiri 58,00

Grilled white fish tartar, potato galette and pickled mustard seeds L,G
Grilled marbled steak, gruyere- potato pudding with rosemary sauce L, G
Chocolate brownie and apricot-pistachio chutney L

Meklari 55,00

Lamb pastrami, Jerusalem artichoke bavarois with almond dukkah L, G
Roasted Artic charr, tiger prawns, saffron risotto and lobster sauce L,G
Baked apple frangipane, creme fraiche mousse and raspberry L

Kamreeri 52,00 (Vegan)

Smoked eggplant, saffron- almond couscous and rocket pistou M
Fava bean-buckwheat patty, sesame seed roasted broccolini with soya and sherry vinaigrette M
Coconut panna cotta with passion fruit and papaya salad M, G

Menus are served for minimum 20 persons and buffets for minimum 50 persons.
Servings should be ordered 7 working days prior to event.
The invoice will be based on the
given number of people confirmed 4 days prior to the event.
VAT is included in price.
We reserve the right to changes.