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Buffet menus 1.8.-31.12.2022

Classic 63,00

Leafy green salad, mustard dressing
Butternut squash-spelt salad with parsley roots, pumpkin seeds and chervil
Small qoat cheese toasts with rosemary honey
Cold smoked rainbow trout with pickled cauliflower and fennel
Arctic shrimps with saffron-lime aioli and haricot salad with sun-dried tomatoes
Hauhala`s farm goose rillette, almond briossia and fig chutney
Rosemary foccaccia and chili hummus

Main course
Grilled Finnish beef flank steak, thyme flavoured potato gratin and port wine sauce
(Buffet without main course 54,00)

Raspberry pavlova, almond crumble and cinnamon butterscotch

Fresh 59,00

Leafy green salad, raspberry vinaigrette
Smoked eggplant, saffron-almond couscous and rocket pistou
Roasted Brussels sprouts, pinto beans, baby spinach and brie cheese
Tiger prawns with smoked cherry tomatoes and grilled gem salad
Open fire cooked salmon served top of the birch splint, cucumber- kale salad and dill aioli
Roasted Finnish pork fillet, root vegetable chips and balsamico pearls
Bank`s levain bread and whipped butter

Main course
Roasted white fish, jerusalem artichoke risotto with roe sauce
(Buffet with out main course 49,00)

Tahini chocolate mousse with orange sponge cake

Dinner menus 1.8.-31.12.2022

Pankinjohtaja 63,00

Open fire cooked salmon rillette, roasted almond briossi and cold smoked rainbow trout roe

Finnisf beef tenderloin, Dauphinoise potatoes and marsala sauce

chocolate pistachio brownie with apricot and rose syrup

Meklari 59,00
(Local products ,reduced carbon footprint)

Cold smoked lamb fillet from Åland, jerusalem artichoke and tarragon pistou

Grilled trout from Luvia, glazed fennel and dark lemon ginger sauce

Black currant parfait, pound cake with liquor and roasted white chocolate

Kamreeri 53,00 (Vegan)

Caramelized turnip, pickled chanterelle, autumn apples and miso mayonnaise

Eggplant black bean patty, Lapland potato pyre , kale and lentils

Chocolate oat ganache, raspberry and liqourice crumble

Menus are served for minimum 20 persons and buffets for minimum 50 persons.
Servings should be ordered 7 working days prior to event.
The invoice will be based on the
given number of people confirmed 4 days prior to the event.
VAT is included in price.
We reserve the right to changes.