Meeting extras

Meeting extras

Coffee/tea with salty or sweet pastry 15,50

Coffee/tea with salty and sweet pastry 21,50

Portion of coffee/tea 4,00

Filled lunch sandwiches 17,50
– Danish bread with white fish skagen and dill creme
– Reindeer salami bagel
– Herb foccacia with grilled gem salad and carrot hummus

Salads 22,50

– Nicoise salad
– Salmon “tataki” salad with cucumbers and radish
– Mouhijärvi artisan cheese salad with pecan nuts

VAT is included in the prices. We reserve the right to change the prices.

Sliced fruits 7,50
Whole fruits 4,50
Berry pavlova in glass 5,50
Fazer chocolates 4,00
SuklaaTäplä Petit Fours 5,90
Vegan marmalade 4,00

Smoothie or lassi 5,20 /glass
– smoothie is a fruit or berry based energy drink.
– lassi is a fruit or berry based energy yoghurt drink.
Both drinks are freshly made low in sugar and high with vitamins – real energy boosters.

Dry Snacks 5,50
– includes a selection of nuts, dried fruits and berries

Still water 3,00/50cl
Kivennäisvesi ja virvokkeet 4,60/50cl
Organic fresh juices 4,00/33cl