Lunch Club!

Priced at 10,70 € , the lunch menu contains  main course, side salad, bread, dessert and coffee/tea. Included drinks are water, sparkling water, milk and buttermilk.

Week's lunch:

Monday 20.1.

Chicken Milanese- supreme of chicken gratinated with cheese served with tomato sauce and rice with vegetables (L,G,sauce cont. garlic,Finnish chicken)
Pasta Rome with ham and peas, rocket and parmesan cheese (L)
Vegetarian pasta with chick pea and tomatoes (L,garlic)
Salad buffet and chicken soup with coconut (L,G,citrus,sesame seeds,garlic,Finnish chicken)
Mango lassi seasoned with vanilla (L,G)

Tuesday 21.1.

Fried beef liver with thyme sauce and potatoes, celeriac puree and lingonberry jam (L,G, Finnish beef, puree cont. celeriac)
Shrimps and haddock in sweet chili sauce with sesame seasoned noodles (L, cont. garlic, coconut, lemon and sesame seeds)
Melanzane with pulled oats (L, ask for vegan)
Salad buffet with pork sausage and vegetable soup (L,G, cont. celeriac)
Cranberry kissel seasoned with cinnamon (L,G), whipped caramel cream (G)

Wednesday 22.1.

Sausage assortment with mashed potatoes (L,G)
Perch and crayfish crab cake with noodles and lime- mayonnaise, warm vegetable salad (L, cont. garlic and lemon, mayonnaise cont. egg)
Vegetarian cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes and lingonberry compote (L, ask for vegan)
Salad buffet and salmon soup with rye bread croutons and black trumpet mushrooms (L, ask for G)
White chocolate mousse (might cont. gluten and egg)

Thursday 23.1.

Lamb meat balls with peppery game sauce and mashed potatoes with horseradish (L,G, cont. garlic)
Paella with chicken, shrimps and chorizo, chili and lime mayonnaise (L,G, cont. garlic, ground nutmeg, mayonnaise cont. egg) (Finnish chicken)
Fried mifu with vegetables and barley risotto (L, cont. garlic, ask for vegan)
Salad buffet and pea soup (L,G, Finnish pork)
Pancake, jam and whipped cream (L, ask for G)

Friday 24.1.

Archipelago buffet: rainbow trout poached in sour cream with dill potatoes (L,G,Finnish Rainbow trout)
Pork schnitzel with asparagus and shrimps, French fries and Choron sauce (L, ask for G)
Crey chanterelle risotto (L,G)
Salad buffet and cream of cauliflower seasoned with truffle oil (L,G)
Apple and oat crumble (L, ask G) with vanilla custard (Ask L,G)