Lunch Club!

Priced at 10,50 € , the lunch menu contains  main course, side salad, bread, dessert and coffee/tea. Included drinks are water, sparkling water, milk and buttermilk.

Week's lunch:

Monday 18.11.

Roast beef with hash browns and red wine sauce, root vegetable puree (L,G,celeriac,meat from Germany)
Pasta la Vista with cold smoked salmon and shrimps, rocket and parmesan cheese (L)
Cauliflower gratin with tomato and barley risotto seasoned with basil (L,ask vegan)
Salad buffet and Tom Yum shrimp soup (L,G,garlic,celery,citrus,mushrooms)
Chocolate waffle (-)

Tuesday 19.11.

Pork schnitzel with potatoes country style and mushroom sauce (L, ask for G, potatoes cont. celeriac, pork from Germany)
Stir fried duck and vegetables in Hoisin sauce with fried noodles (L, ask for G, cont. garlic, mushrooms and lemon)
Spinach and fava bean risotto (L,G, ask for vegan)
Salad buffet and salmon solyanka (L,G, cont. celery)
Banana and raspberry smoothie (L,G)

Wednesday 20.11.

Baked chicken with rice and vegetables, mayonnaise flavored with curry (L,G, cont. garlic, mayonnaise cont. egg, Finnish chicken)
Finnish perch with Antibois sauce and rosemary potatoes (L,G, cont. garlic, ask for garlic free)
Tomato pasta with baked tofu (L, cont. garlic, ask for vegan)
Salad buffet and cream of roasted sweet potato with chantarelle mushrooms (L,G)
Fruit quark mousse (L,G)

Thursday 21.11.

Fried pork loin with wedge potatoes and port wine sauce,
fried chorizo and beans (L,G, Finnish meat)
Baked potatoes with warm smoked salmon or shrimp filling
(L,G, cont. eggs,lemon)
Roasted beetroot, cauliflower and pulled oats with fava
beans (L, ask vegan)
Salad buffet and pea soup (L,G)
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream (L, ask G)

Friday 22.11.

Italian buffet: grilled chicken breast with parmesan seasoned potatoes and cep sauce (L,G)
Rainbow trout cooked beside embers with remoulade sauce(cont. egg) and potatoes, fried vegetables (L,G)
Vegetarian falafels with basmati rice and mint raitha (L,G, cont. garlic)
Salad buffet and Minestrone soup (L, ask for G, cont. celery and celeriac )
Cheese cake (L,G)