Lunch Club!

Priced at 10,50 € , the lunch menu contains  main course, side salad, bread, dessert and coffee/tea. Included drinks are water, sparkling water, milk and buttermilk.

Week's lunch:

Monday 9.9.

Week 37

Game- meatballs with creamy cognac sauce and mashed potatoes with horseradish (L, ask for G)

Pasta London with avocado, shrimps and cheddar cheese (L)

Vegetable patties with mashed potatoes and horseradish, sour cream sauce (L,G, cont. egg and ground nutmeg, ask for vegan)

Salad buffet and sausage and vegetable soup (L,G, cont. celery and celeriac)

Chocolate bar (might. cont. almond, nut and wheat)

Tapenade crusted salmon with parmesan seasoned potatoes and white wine sauce, fried asparagus and beans (L,G, cont. garlic)

Pollo al Cacciatora- italian chicken casserole (L,G, cont. garlic, Finnish chicken)

Fried tofu with ratatouille and rice (L,G, cont. garlic, ask for vegan)

Salad buffet and cream of vegetable soup (L,G, cont. celeriac)

Ice cream bar (L)

Meatloaf with champignon sauce and boiled potatoes, root vegetables (L,G, vegetables cont. celeriac)

Pasta Istanbul with kebab and sweet peppers (L, cont. garlic)

Vegetarian chick pea and eggplant tagine with basmati rice and hummus (L,G, cont. sesame seeds and garlic, vegan)

Salad buffet and white fish soup (L,G)

Orange and banana smoothie (L,G)

Sausage and potato hash with fried eggs, beetroots and pickled cucumbers (L,G)

Grilled Baltic Herring fillets with potatoes and archipelago sauce (L,G, sauce cont. egg, shrimps, apple and lemon)

Cep ravioli with tomato sauce seasoned with basil (L, cont. garlic, ask for vegan)

Salad buffet and pea soup (L,G, Finnish pork, ask for vegetarian)

Pancakes with jam and whipped cream (L, ask for G)

Street food buffet: pulled pork (L,G, cont. garlic and lemon) and frankfurters (L,G) , rice (L,G) and baquette (L)

Gravlax and potato casserole with beetroots (L,G)

Crêpes stuffed with vegetables and spinach, mashed potatoes and yogurt sauce seasoned with mint (cont. garlic, ask for vegan)

Salad buffet and cream of grey chanterelles (L,G)

Maltese rice (L,G, cont. orange fruit)