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Lunch Club!

The Bank Lunch Club offers a lunch menu featuring three hot main course dishes as well as a soup and a salad course.

Priced at 12,40€, the lunch menu contains hot main course dish served with salad, fresh bread, dessert and coffee or tea. We also have water, mineral water, milk, buttermilk and kotikalja, a traditional Finnish non-alcoholic malted drink for you to choose from.Treat yourself to a healthy and energising lunch at Bank. You can also have a take away lunch!

Opening hours

  • Monday 11-14
  • Tuesday 11-14
  • Wednesday 11-14
  • Thursday 11-14
  • Friday 11-14
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Week's lunch:

Friday 31.3.

Lamb meatballs in plum tomato sauce with mashed potatoes flavored with parmesan, tzatziki (L, cont. garlic and egg, ask for G)
Flounder stuffed with leek and mashed potatoes with dill, fried carrots and kale (L, cont. egg and celery)
Vegetarian lasagna (L, cont. champignons and garlic, ask for vegan)
Salad buffet and Thai duck soup with coconut (L, M, G, cont. champignons, garlic and lemon)
Apple pie with vanilla sauce (L, ask for gluten free dessert)