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Lunch Club!

The Bank Lunch Club offers a lunch menu featuring two hot main course dishes as well as a soup and a salad course.

Priced at € 10.90, the lunch menu contains hot main course dish served with salad, fresh bread, dessert and coffee or tea. We also have water, mineral water, milk, buttermilk and kotikalja, a traditional Finnish non-alcoholic malted drink for you to choose from.

Treat yourself to a healthy and energising lunch at Bank.

Event arena Bank has a private occasion 9.9.2021. Lunch Club is closed on Thursday 9.9.2021!

Opening hours

  • Monday 11-14
  • Tuesday 11-14
  • Wednesday 11-14
  • Thursday 11-14
  • Friday 11-14
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Week's lunch:

Monday 27.9.

Grilled chicken breast with barbeque seasoned Ramiro sweet peppers, Caponata- eggplant and potato stew (L,G, cont. garlic, Finnish chicken)
Tagliatelle pasta with avocado and chili, basil oil (L, cont. lemon)
Salad buffet and cream of roasted cauliflower soup (L,G, cont. celeriac) with rye bread croutons (L)
Quark mousse (L,G) with baked apples and Cantucci biscuits (-)

Tuesday 28.9.

Oat breaded Baltic Herring fillets with mashed potatoes and spinach, sauce Remoulade flavored with dill (L, Remoulade cont. egg and lemon)
Panang curry with Finnish tofu, vegetables and rice seasoned with coconut (L, dairy product free, vegan)
Salad buffet and pork sausage and vegetable soup (L,G, cont. celeriac, dairy product free)
Carrot cake (L, cont. egg) with whipped cream seasoned with cream cheese (L,G)

Wednesday 29.9.

Beef lasagna with parsley Gremolata (L)
Vegetarian lentil and coconut stew with fresh spinach, spicy Pilaf rice (L,G)
Salad buffet and shrimp soup with bread croutons seasoned with dill (L)
Chocolate mousse with hazelnut crumble (L,G)

Thursday 30.9.

Hamburgers a la Lindström with cumin roasted potatoes and caper mayonnaise (L)
Pumpkin stuffed with Kidney beans and quinoa, rocket pesto (L,G)
Salad buffet and pea soup (L,G)
Pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry jam (L)

Friday 1.10.

Roasted Iberico pork tenderloin in thyme sauce with polenta seasoned with Parmesan cheese (L,G)
Vegetarian paella with sweet potato and marinated champignons, vegan aioli with tomatoes (L,G)
Salad buffet and cream of sweet pepper soup with smoked almonds (L,G)
Crema Catalana (L,G)