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Lunch Club!

The Bank Lunch Club offers a lunch menu featuring three hot main course dishes as well as a soup and a salad course.

Priced at € 11.10, the lunch menu contains hot main course dish served with salad, fresh bread, dessert and coffee or tea. We also have water, mineral water, milk, buttermilk and kotikalja, a traditional Finnish non-alcoholic malted drink for you to choose from.

Treat yourself to a healthy and energising lunch at Bank. You can also have a take away lunch!

Friday, 9 December lunch is served 13:00-13:00!

Opening hours

  • Monday 11-14
  • Tuesday 11-14
  • Wednesday 11-14
  • Thursday 11-14
  • Friday 11-14
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Week's lunch:

Monday 28.11.

Cod tempura with dill potatoes and shrimp mayonnaise (L, cont. egg and shrimps)
Chicken fajitas with tortilla and rice, salsa and crème fraiche (L, cont. garlic, gluten free without tortilla)
Pasta with pumpkin and spinach (L, ask for vegan)
Salad buffet and sausage and vegetable soup (L,M,G, cont. celeriac)
Lemon mousse with biscuits (ask for L/G)

Tuesday 29.11.

Beef neck in pepper sauce with sweet potato puree and hash browns (L,G)
Stir fried tiger prawn and blue mussel’s sweet chili, sesame noodles (L)
Stuffed sweet peppers with plum tomato sauce (L,G)
Salad buffet and Aura blue cheese soup (L,G)
Blue berry and quark Swiss roll (L)

Wednesday 30.11.

Sauteed game with mashed potatoes and onions, lingonberries (L,G)
Plaice stuffed with feta and spinach, potato and vegetable hash, Remoulade dressing (L)
Beetroot and Mifu patties with chili dip (L,G)
Salad buffet and cream of roasted cauliflower soup (L,G)
Apple and oat crumble with vanilla custard (L)

Thursday 1.12.

Spaghetti Bolognaise with rocket and parmesan (L)
Smoked whitefish risotto with pickled fennel and cucumber salad (L,G)
Vegan nuggets with Basmati rice and chili mayonnaise (L,G)
Salad buffet and pea soup (L,G,M)
Pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream (L)

Friday 2.12.

Baked sausages with mashed potatoes, beetroots and pickled cucumbers (L,G)
Coley fried in horseradish and butter, aioli (L,G)
Fried organic tofu with mint and chili sauce, warm couscous salad (L)
Salad buffet and cream of butternut squash soup, roasted seeds (L,G)
Orange and peach smoothie (L,G)